Who we are

Established in 2009 by Sam Lee, SMT is a upmarket tech accessory provider based in SHENZHEN and uniquely positioned to offer genuine leather-made and innovative leather accessories, targeted at fashion, gifts and promotion lines. We hope to let more people to enjoy our truly useful and beautiful products.  

How we serve

Strong ability of product development and core supply chains are the source of our business growth. Meanwhile, we focus attention on cost management and quality control to build our reputation. We value every customer and create business relationship as follows:

  1. By providing our latest unique designs as case reference, you can blend them into your own brand or markets through adding or cutting down features, and making a change of color, material, size, shape, etc.
  2. By bringing up your exceptional ideas or designs, we work together with you to meet your needs.
  3. Being more professional to be your trusted advisor, not only just being a vendor.

Upon requiring your inquiry, our professional team will response within 24 hours.

Why choose us

“Be more outstanding before powering you up”

 this is a powerful slogan and motivates our team to be passionate and responsible. We don’t have a compelling story about ourselves, but we constantly strive to think before our customers, like you, fuel you up on the front and help to release your worries. 

We believe each step is paving a solid foundation for promising future. Inspired by IKEA launching products like floor lamps and side tables with Qi built in, we are firmly committed to innovation of product development and building long-term cooperation with our customers.

“Be more outstanding before powering you up.”

              By Founder of SMT | Sam Lee

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